Fundraising.  It’s a magical tool that represents the support of friends, family and your community as you plan your team’s next sports adventure.  And while “f-u-n” is in the name, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a lot of work!


While there are certainly a lot of options to consider, ESPN Wide World of Sports wants to help identify unique opportunities that may help your team in the process of planning your competition experience in the middle of the magic.


Goldner Associates has developed a website where you can customize and order team merchandise that you can sell to raise funds for your trip, or give to donors and supporters as a thank you for their participation.


Customization is simple!  You can select from existing mascots and sports graphics or upload your own logo and choose from the broad selection of products (including one of the all-time favorites, the foam finger!).  Then place your order for production and that’s it!  Your items are shipped to you quickly so you can begin fundraising as soon as possible.


To learn more, take a look at the Goldner Associates site and see if this might be a good fundraising option for you and your team, or for more customized questions you can reach out to the Goldner team via email at