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Am I able to book a photographer to document my competition?

A All participants at ESPN Wide World of Sports are able to reserve a photographer through the Gameday Photo Experience. A photographer will be assigned to a specific player, or an entire team, and will follow them during their competition to document every second of the action. As part of the Gameday Photo Experience, guests can purchase specially-priced packages including team photos, action shots, customized "ESPN The Magazine" covers, posters, collages and more.

Space is limited for this experience and guests who are interested should book in advance of their trip. To book a photographer, or to inquire about special photography packages, please click here. Please note: Gameday Photos can only guarantee reservations for competitions, games, and matches that physically take place at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. This package does not include coverage of off-site events. Please be sure to check your schedules as soon as they are published to confirm event locations.

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