Make sure you're getting your athlete out on the field on the right foot! Always be prepared for your soccer event at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex with these gameday essentials.

Be sure to have the essentials: a ball, pump, and some extra shin guards. It helps to be prepared in the event you need one. Extra clothes are key. Nobody wants to spend a day in a dirty uniform. It’s like the old saying goes: Look good, play good.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Even if you’re not moving around all that much, your body still needs lot of water. Be sure to back extra snacks and some recovery drinks too so you’ll be ready to play.

With some luck, the sun will be shining on your event, so make sure to have sunscreen to keep your skin safe! Also, having a plastic bag to keep those dirty clothes in is key. That way, you won’t forget them or make things dirty that you would rather keep clean.