The Disney Soccer team understands that it's not easy to find the perfect soccer cleat. Players have a lot of factors to take into consideration: age, position, playing surface and budget. Luckily, PUMA, the official athletic equipment provider of Disney Soccer, has created a guide to help make the decision-making process easier.


The first thing to consider when you're on the hunt for a good pair of cleats is your age. Are you looking for an adult cleat, or a junior ("JR") sized cleat designed for young athletes?


Next, think about your playing level. Are you a casual or entry-level player, or are you a seasoned veteran out there on the field? PUMA cleats have numbers in their names to indicate their performance level. More serious players would look to be in a 1 or a 2 (like our evoPOWER 1.4 or our evoSPEED 2.4, for instance), while more casual players would want to be in a 3 or a 4.


Are you an athlete whose game is characterized by speed and agility (typically an attacking midfield or a forward)? Or are you the type of player whose main priorities are power, support, and accuracy (usually a defensive midfielder or a defender)? In simpler you want your cleats to give you SPEED or POWER?

We have two main categories of cleats - evoSPEED and evoPOWER. Both categories have cleats that are designed to suit your natural playing preference and to increase your performance.

We recommend evoSPEED (pictured on the left) if you're looking for lightweight, speed, and agility in your game. On the other hand, evoPOWER (pictured on the right) is designed for a player looking for power, support and substance.


Last but not least, determine the type of surface you're playing on. If you're playing outdoors, we have a few different types of cleats: Firm Ground Cleats (FG) are suitable for use on firm natural surfaces, like grass. Our Artificial Ground Cleats (AG) are better for hard natural surfaces and synthetic grass. And our Soft Ground Cleats (SG) are designed for use in slippery conditions outside when additional traction is needed.

When it comes to indoor soccer, you'll either want Indoor Trainers (IT; pictured above, left), which are designed for use on hard indoor surfaces like a gym floor - or Turf Trainers (TT; pictured above, right), which are best for playing on turf.

There's a variety of colors and styles of cleats out there, and you can customize them to suit your personality. Disney Soccer camps and tournaments give their athletes the exclusive opportunity to demo the newest PUMA releases via an interactive, soccer simulator experience with our PUMA BootLab. This allows the athlete to wear the boots, testing all the necessary functions of the perfect boot, and then provide their feedback for future development.

Whatever your preference, PUMA's got a lot for you to choose from. Visit or to check out your options.

PUMA is the Official Athletic Equipment Provider of Disney Soccer.