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This environment provides the perfect laboratory for students in all aspects of sports to receive an integrated learning and working experience. No other location provides the diversity and magnitude of possibilities.
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Program Overview

Disney Sports Attractions, Inc. and its affiliates have numerous responsibilities that contribute to the success of their athletic events. Responsibilities include: programming, event management, marketing, merchandise, sponsorship, and facility operations at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, as well as business planning and development for future growth of the complex and the sports business at the Walt Disney World® Resort.
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Eligibility Requirements

Students must be enrolled during the length of the internship in a Masters or Doctoral degree program at an accredited college or university. Highly recommended undergraduates will be considered on a case by case basis. Grade point average of at least 3.0 Community involvement, volunteerism, and relevant experience. Students will be selected based upon the recommendation of their college or university and personal interviews with representatives of Disney Sports.

Number of Positions Available:
Each year Disney Sports will select thirty-five to forty interns for a period of 12 months.
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Recruitment Timeline

Recruitment begins in January for positions beginning that summer. Select programs are available in January with recruitment starting in October.
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Program Stipend

Disney Sports will provide selected students a scholarship or stipend for living expenses during the period of the internship. Partnering with Disney, the National Consortium for Academics and Sports (NCAS) will administer the stipend of $1,300 per month per student.
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We do not provide written evaluations from Disney Sports, however, we will complete any evaluations the school requires to be completed. If exams are part of a student's graduate requirements, proctoring is available through the Intern Program Manager.
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Site Visits

We welcome school representatives to visit; however, all associated costs and travel arrangements are the school's responsibility. Tours of the Sports Complex and/or meetings with the Sports staff members may be arranged through the Intern Program Manager.
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Technical – Learning Component

The Disney Sports Graduate Intern Program will allow the student to learn from professionals in a real-world, work environment by partnering the student with professionals in the chosen disciplines who will serve as their mentor and teacher. The program will also include the educational component of classroom learning, group sharing, and on the job learning/training.
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Leadership-Learning Component

Students will attend classroom-learning presentations once a month. Some presentations may be specifically tailored to the students, while others may be part of a combined learning program for all Disney Sports staff members.

The Disney Sports Graduate Internship program is designed as a twelve month sports management training program, with specific areas of focus for each quarter.

Quarter 1: Getting to know our world; focus on understanding the Disney Company and Disney Sports

Quarter 2: Exploring our world, refining skills & self discovery; focus on Sports Management

Quarter 3: Resume, networking & interviewing skills; focus on completing project work, building relationships

Quarter 4: Job opportunities, interviewing, & project work; focus on continued project and event work and job opportunities
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Application Process

We will accept applications until October 11th, 2013. Telephone interviews will be conducted between October 21st through October 31st. Decisions and offers will be made no later than November 1, 2013.

The start dates of the internship will be January 2nd, 2014.

Please submit your application from our Internships Application site.

Questions about the program?
Email us..

The start date of the internship may vary depending on when the student completes classes. The target arrival date is January 2nd 2014.

In order to be considered for an internship, you must submit the following:
  1. Be enrolled in a Masters Degree Program for the duration of the internship
  2. Submit your application on TeamWork Online, including your resume and cover letter.
For more information please email us:

Intern PositionsInternships

Use the link below for a list of positions available starting summer 2014. We have made several changes that will help our candidates choose the best programs to fit their career goals.

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